Our New Catalog for Our Toyota LandCruiser Parts.


We have separated the parts we stock into 7 categories.

Replacement Body Panels, Rust Repair patches, Body fixtures, Electric Parts, Finishing Garnishes, OEM/Rare Parts and Cruiser Gear and ornaments!



REPLACEMENT BODY PANELS (starts from the front) 


  1. OEM Restored Front grill 

  2. Round Pre 80s bezel (basecoat/Chrome

  3. Round Stamped 62-67 rare LandCruiser bezel (basecoat/Chrome)

  4. Square Bezel

  5. Left Fender (basecoat) 

  6. Right Fender (basecoat)

  7. Left Fender top Apron 

  8. Right Fender top Apron

  9. Windshield frame 

  10. Windscreen viper motor cover

  11. Hard Top rubber seal (40,43,45)

  12. Hard Top steel gutter (40,?,?)

  13. Metal Hard Top (40,43,45) custom

  14. Left Door 78 and up (soft top, hardtop)

  15. Right Door 78 and up (soft top, hardtop)

  16. Left Door Classic Pre 78 

  17. Right Door Classic Pre 78

  18. Half doors Left & Right 78 & up style 

  19. Left Kick Vent plate with spring

  20. Right Kick Vent plate with spring 

  21. Right Rear qourter panel +curved and straight gutter(hardtop/soft top)

  22. Left Rear qourter panel +curved and straight gutter(hardtop/soft top)

  23. Rear left inner wheel wells 

  24. Rear right inner wheel wells

  25.  Rear soft top doors

  26. Rear hard top Ambulance doors 

  27. Rear side latch full swing door

  28. Right Soft top pillar

  29. Left soft top pillar

  30. Dash Switch Plate 

  31. Dash Pocket 

  32. Speedo cover

  33. Steel stamped Rpm gauge cover 

  34. Front floor section (full


Panels and patches that make restorations fun and easy, no need to bust a few knuckles when you can have pre fabbed repair panels!

  1. Front Grill Lower Section Repair patch 

  2. Right kickvent panel 

  3. Left kickvent panel

  4. Left Rocker panel

  5. Right Rocker panel

  6. Left inner Rocker panel

  7. Right inner Rocker panel

  8. Front Door Outer Lower skin (L&R)

  9. Front Door Inner lower skin (L&R)

  10. Front Right door full outer skin

  11. Front Left door full outer skin

  12. Left floor patch

  13. Right floor patch 

  14. Front floor 

  15. Rear left ambulance door lower skin repair patch’s 

  16. Rear right ambulance door lower skin repair patch’s 


This list includes parts such as hinges, metal parts that join different body panels and so on.

  1. Front Bumper (basecoat/Chrome/TEQ Silver

  2. Front Frame Bracket (basecoat

  3. Rear Frame Bumper

  4. Rear Tire carrier 78 up

  5.  Rear tire carrier Pre 78

  6. Fj40 soft top frame complete OEM 

  7. Fj43 custom soft top frame complete 


  1. Front headlights

  2. Side indicators 

  3. Side indicators 70 series spec mod for 40

  4. Viper motor 

  5. Viper motor cover 

  6. Dash plate set with push buttons and clock

  7. Speedometer 

  8. Rpm meter 

  9. Steering wheel

  10. Indicator assembly 

  11. Key switch set OEM 

  12. OEM radio 

  13. Rear tail lamps 

  14. Rear reflectors

  15. LED rear reflectors


For this section we will list non rubber parts separate for more ease of readability & understanding.


  1. Front number plate holder

  2. LandCruiser 40 series emblems set

  3. LandCruiser 60 series emblems set

  4. LandCruiser 70 series emblems set

  5. Galvanised side hooks 

  6. Galvanised hook cups 

  7. Bonnet top hooks and rubber base /kit

  8. Chrome side mirrors 

  9. Custom front seat covers 78 and above

  10. 78 and up matts 

  11. Cruiser vehicle cover

  12. Rear metal fenders (custom)

  13. Rear lamps guard grill

  14. Rear Lamps square guard

  15. Rear bumperette unpainted/chrome/painted

  16. Rear steps unpainted/chrome/painted

  17. Rear number plate holder up spec

  18. Rear number plate holder down spec

  19. Side mirror visor local made

  20. Front bonnet latches

  21. Windshield latches 

  22. Front grill latch 

  23. Door latches 

  24. Rear swing out door latches 

Rubber and insulation 

  1. Bonnet rubbers

  2. Rubber strips for in btwn panel gaps

  3. Front door rubbers

  4. Windscreen sandwich rubber strip

  5. 40 series hardtop rubber 

  6. 43 series hardtop rubber 

  7. 45 series hardtop rubber 

  8. Front and rear bumper rubbers


  1. Front stamped LandCruiser bezel

  2. OEM koito front Lamps 

  3. OEM restored side indicators 

  4. Bj40 42 43 LX parts

  5. Oem push buttons for Dash

  6. Oem steering wheel up

  7. Oem steering wheel down

  8. Toyota 2f parts

  9. Toyota 1B, 2B AND 3B parts

  10. Ash tray down oem

  11. Fuel tank diesel

  12. Oem radio

  13. Oem RPM gauge

  14. Oem seats


  1. LandCruiser stamped bezel key ornament

  2. Grill & bezel key ornament

  3. Landcruiser front end factory shadow box 

  4. Dream Cruiser Shadow box

  5. Dream Cruiser poster 

  6. Dream Cruiser Tee redesigned for Tee