Finally! The long wait is over! This is what we have been working on for the past few months, mockups after mockups.

We think of this as one of the coolest LandCruiser 40 Series graphics you'll ever see and there's definitely more to come from Sykopaths!

Continue reading if you're interested on how this nostalgic piece of artwork came to life behind the curtains.


"This is a retro disco background theme which I wanted to merge with the picture of the land cruiser"

It started with a dream- like literally!

Since I was introduced to the LandCruiser 40 Series community, I have always wanted to show my passion with a few T's or posters.

Now if you're in tune with the LandCruiser 40 series community, you would know that enthusiast merch is very limited and rare.

Thus I wanted to do something about it.

What I saw in a Dream

15th of May 2020 I woke up from a dream in which I was saw this exact scenery, retro sunset behind a land cruiser and Californian palm trees to the sides.

Right after I dreamt that, I quickly drew a rough sketch on a notepad which happended to be luckily right next to my bed.


Before I had this dream, I had been wanting to publish and put out merch for all the 40 Series LandCruiser enthusiasts, but unfortunately I was unable to do so since my inner creative artistic self was not siding with me. So when I dreamt this whole scenery it was as if my prayers were answered. I finally had some nostalgic artwork that I could put out for my fellow Land Cruiser 40 Series enthusiasts!

Bringing a dream to life

From that very day onwards I took out a few minutes or hours every day on making the scenery which I saw in my dream into reality. Since I am a non-virtual artist...things were very tough for me.. Alas, after working with tons of graphic designer and artists as well as many fellow LandCruiser enthusiasts from Instagram, I finally pulled through with this nostalgic piece of digital art.

All things considered

Anyone who loves the retro 80s, beautiful sunsets, Californian palm trees, the 80's disco "can you dig it" era and 40 Series LandCruisers would absolutely without a doubt, adore this nostalgic 80's vibe piece of digital art!

Finally, since this artwork was presented to me in a dream I had decided add in "Dream Cruiser" as the main Element.

I hope you Cruiser lovers genuinely appreciate my very first digital artwork!

Search "Dream Cruiser" to see listings of our new merchandise.


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