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Complete TOYOTA LANDCRUISER (j40) Emblems set

Complete TOYOTA LANDCRUISER (j40) Emblems set

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 We Added this emblems set for our fellow community members who are unable to find good condition Oem emblems sets or want to save money and spend the remaining on another useful Cruiser Part. Usually Oem Restored Emblems Cost around 80-125/USD per emblem whereas our remanufactured Emblems Cost around 32-35/USD.


Our Complete emblems set Contains 6 Emblems in total which usually cost 32-35/USD Per Emblem, usally the complete set should cost around -210/Usd but we are giving a 60% discount so people can benefit.

This landcruiser 40 series emblem set contains:

1) TOYOTA grill emblem

1)TOYOTA Rear curved emblem

2) Landcruiser side emblems

1) Diesels emblem

1) 4wd emblem

This emblem set is very easy to install, just align the pins on the emblems with the holes in place, and then just snap the emblems in place, One by one!

For Extra Durable fitment, heat the plastic pins with a lighter after installation until denatured and then check for play, adjust accordingly.


weight : 180g

Material : Chrome ABS plastic

Type : Aftermarket part

Refund policy:

Inbox us at @sykopaths (instagram)/sykoCruiser(Facebook) if you have any sort of issue and we should have your issue sorted out as soon as possible.


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